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Get paid faster!

Automatic credit collections on the Cloud.

How it works

Hook up

Stellen Sie eine Verbindung mit Ihrem ERP oder mit Ihrem Abrechnungssystem her

Entspannen Sie sich

Ruhen Sie sich aus während Invoice Capture die ganze Arbeit durchführt


Optimieren Sie die Interaktion, die Sie mit Ihren Kunden haben möchten


Minimize delays in account receivables. Improve your company's finantial health.

By using InvoiceCapture payment delays are reduced 50% for a given company with 90% of its issued invoices on a 30 days payment agreement.


  • Healthier cash cycles
  • Productive cycles anticipation
  • Better human resources management
  • Debt default report for tax exemption purposes (VAT, Corporate Tax…)


  • Global Debt Management
    Manage all your official standard/mixed invoices, debit/credit memos or just ordinary debts in a centralized fashion.
  • Policy Configuration
    Configure how and when you would like to inform your customers about any undue payments.
  • Debt Management as a Service
    Leverage our scalable infraestructure and save money on resources. Focus on your collections and we handle the rest.
  • Multi-channel Notification
    Notify your customers automatically using any of the available channels: emails, SMS, VMS or postal cards.
  • Integration
    Any system can be integrated with Invoice Capture through the API. You can also pick an ERP/CRM module template, from a continually growing list.



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Invoice Capture Finalist of EDP Open Innovation

Posted - 12 Tage ago

Invoice Capture Finalist of EDP Open Innovation

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Deutsche Bank boss says 'big number' of staff will lose jobs to automation

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Deutsche Bank boss says 'big number' of staff will lose jobs to automation

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